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The Macerich leasing team focuses on understanding – through ongoing, in-depth research and alignment – to bring retailers the exact opportunities required to reach their most productive customers and drive their business results. The right fit is more important than ever before.

Skilled Matchmaking-
Tapping the commitment to retailers' success with progressively powerful research tools, Macerich is focused on thoughtful matchmaking to pair retailers' ideal markets with the company's own attractive properties in high-barrier-to-entry markets.

Expert Support For Retailers-
The company supports Leasing in placing retailer success at the center of its many disciplines, including dedicated property management and a range of expert services and support. This ranges from adept tenant coordination to a polished public relations and marketing programs that focuses on connecting customers with retailers and their merchandise.  

Retailers can depend on quick, smart, committed support, from pre-lease negotiations through opening and beyond, with continuing resources geared to promoting traffic generation and sales conversion throughout their partnership with Macerich.

Connect With Macerich Leasing-


Robert Perlmutter, Executive Vice President
p. (310) 394-6000    e.

Doug Healey, Senior Vice President
p: (585) 249-4400    e:

Tom Unis, Senior Vice President
p: (214) 373-5200    e:

Real Estate:

Randy Brant, Executive Vice President
p: (310) 394-6000   e:

Bob Beffa, Senior Vice President
p: (214) 373-5200   e:

James Varsamis, Vice President
p: (214) 373-5200   e:

Large Format:

David Malayil, Vice President - California / Pacific Northwest Region
p: (310) 394-6000   e:

Eric Bunyan, Assistant Vice President - East Region
p: (214) 373-5200   e:

Jen Brigham, Senior Manager - Arizona Region
p: (602) 953-6200   e:

Brian Christifulli, Senior Manager - Central Region
p: (602) 953-6200   e:

Jerry Strauss, Senior Manager - Arizona Region
p: (602) 953-6200   e:


Jamie Bourbeau, Senior Vice President
p: (310) 394-6000   e:

National Portfolio Leasing:

Mark Klein, Vice President - Leasing and Retailer Relations
p: (214) 373-5200   e:

Elaine Hansen, Assistant Vice President - Lease Portfolio Review
p: (602) 953-6200   e:

National Restaurant Leasing:

Guy Mercurio, Vice President
p: (214) 373-5200   e:

Common Area Leasing:

Wendell Nault, Vice President
p: (214) 373-5200   e:

John Kinsella, Assistant Vice President
p: (585) 218-9830   e:

Leasing Development:

Coleen McNelis, Vice President
p: (214) 373-5200   e: