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The Macerich Leasing Development program offers anyone an opportunity to sell, advertise, and promote their product or services in the highest trafficked areas of our malls – THE COMMON AREA!

This unique opportunity offers the retailer, vendor, or promoter flexible lease terms that range from a weekend to a year on our short term lease agreement.  The timing from start to finish can be as quick as 24 hours in getting your business up and open in our mall common areas.

Each mall has an inventory of retail merchandising units (RMU) available for lease. These units are the latest in design and functionality to allow for easy set up and merchandising.  We also encourage you to operate on your own branded unit if that better fits your business needs.

In addition, Macerich offers short term leases on our inline store spaces as availability permits.  The process is similar to common area locations, and our inline spaces are usually turn-key with minimal work by tenant.

Get started now and make an appointment with our local Leasing Development Manager and fill out an application to start the process.  We are excited to be your partner in growing or branding your business through our short term leasing program.
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