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Specialty Leasing Information

The Specialty Leasing Program at Queens Center offers local and national business people as well as entrepreneurs from all avenues a unique opportunity to be part of the mall environment without the risk and expense of a longer term lease.

We can tailor the lease to your specific requirements giving you the
flexibility you need to expand, test or start up your business venture.

The mall will provide a state of the art retail merchandising unit (RMU) for you to lease in the common area of the mall. If your needs are geared toward traditional mall space we can offer turnkey inline store spaces.

Do you need visual merchandising assistance; we can help with that as well. Would you like to participate in our marketing programs or advertise elsewhere in the mall, we have a menu of opportunities in those areas for you to consider.

Our program is designed to make it easy for you to enter into short term leases at a reasonable start-up cost so that you can focus on building your business with us and keeping abreast of what’s new and cutting edge ensuring sure your brand or product is positioned for success in a Macerich Mall.

Cart Amenities:

  • Railing carts located in our busy “rotunda” area of mall on
    Levels 2 and 3
  • Cart is equipped to accommodate a large variety of both glass
    and wooden shelving
  • All location are set up to provide electric, phone and internet
Cart Specifications
Leasing Development (Carts, Kiosks & In-Line)
Thom Darling
(718) 592-3901